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Agricultural Libary

Agricultural Libary

of Hellenic Agricultural Society - Institute of Agricultural Sciences

The gap in agricultural education and in transfering the basic agronomic knowledge to farmers was covered in 1901 by the establishment of the Hellenic Agricultural Society (HAS).To achieve its objectives (Dekazos, 1937), Agricultural Library was established at the same time, where once briefly operated and as a lending library as well. Today the library has more than 5.000 titles of books and, despite the fact that it is not operating as lending, it is offered for free to all students and researchers.It operates under the supervision of the Chief Director of the Foundation (Article 6 of P.D 590/88).

The main target of the library is to support and serve the educational and scientific programs of IAS. The core of the library consists of the puplications of the Hellenic Agricultural Society, the most important of which is the agricultural magazine “Agricultural Bulletin of the Hellenic Agricultural Society" (1909-1941).The publication and distribution to farmers, either for free or for a paltry price, aspired to achieve the revival of agricultural production and the familiarization and training of farmers with new farming methods and techniques (Sapera,2013).

Donation A/2014
The I.A.S. would like to thank the President of the of the Publishing House STAMOULIS SA, Mr. Athanasios Stamoulis, ( to respond to the Department's request to assist in updating the Agricultural Library of I.A.S. Mr. Stamoulis donated more than 50 titles of publications that are mentioned in detail in the online catalog.


Today the library has:

-A full series of publication of the H.A.S., which is valuable from the historical side of agricultural education.

-A significant number of books in Greek and in foreign languages related to agriculture. Given that in recent years no credits are available to support the library, most of these books are older versions (1835-2000).

-A number of variable interest books gained through various donations.

In the library it is taking place:
a) Scientific recording and documentation of the Foundation's collections and import of bibliographic data in library systems,

b) Upgrade of the collection, fill of the gaps in printed and digital material, systematically updated with new acquisitions,

c) Digitizing of the historical archive of the Foundation as well as the rare and valuable collections of material.

All this with the cooperation of the Association "Friends of the Forest Sygrou" ,who have undertaken, with qualified staff, the organization and classification of library material.