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Ifigenia Sygrou (1842-1921)

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Her main care was to attempt to complete their visions, as they were stated in A. Sygros will.So, she took care for A. Sygros Memoirs to be published and the Hospital “Andreas Sygros” to be constructed. She also donated money for improving the Athens Water Supply Sustem and for constructing the avenue named with the name of the national benefactor.
Her death (1921) made the social care in Greece poorer. According to her will, she bequeathed to the Greek Foreign Ministry Mansion Sygrou situated at the contribution of today's Queen Sofia and Zalokosta rd. She also donated significant amounts of money for the purpose of public benefit foundations.

The donation of Sygrou Estate to the Greek Agricultural Company (today's I.A.S.) represents the pinnacle of the total supply of childhood and youth.

In 1921, according to I. Sygrou's will, the Sygrou Estate was bequeathed to the Greek Agricultural Company (IAS today), in order to be established a school of gardening, poultry, apiculture, sericulture and livestock, with main mission to educate “good farmers and gardeners”.


Ifigenia Andrea Sygrou was born in 1842. She was daughter of John and Aglaia Mavrokordatou and she was living in Halki, while coming from Chios. She managed to seduce the national benefactor Andreas Sygros that - although a convinced bachelor – finally married her at Easter of 1875. He was 44 years old and Ifigenia was 33 years old. They lived happy together for 25 years. She died in Athens in 1921.
She devoted her whole life to protecting childhood, she was the inspiration and driving force behind each of her husband's merciful energy and humanitarian choice, stimulating the systematic cultivation of his charitable initiatives.

The whole social activity of Ifigenia Sygrou highlighted her as one of the leading female figures in Athenian society in terms of provision.
She was president of the Hospital “Evangelismos” for many years and president of the Board of Amalio Orphanage and Junior Education Association as well.

After the death of her husband, Ifigenia Sygrou lived for more than 20 years in the villa of Sygrou Estate.