Country Switcher



  • Το inform students and other groups about the natural environment of the Sygrou estate area.

   •Το promote an environmental code of conduct to society, through the knowledge and skills acquired by students and other groups.

   • To promote environmental awareness through the close contact with nature

   • To enable trainees to develop a responsible, environmentally friendly approach and actively contribute to sustainable development.


    Αs part of its curriculum, I.A.S. organizes environmental awareness programs in the form of one-day study visits to its premises. These programs are addressed to Primary and Secondary School students:

  1. 'Explore the Attica forest: 19th century in Syngrou Forest'.

  2. 'The bee society: A perfectly organized society'

  3. 'Herbs of Athens

  4. 'Olive: The gift of goddess Athena'

  5. 'The grapevine'