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Certification of proper use of plant protection products

According to the low (N. 4036/2012), after the date of 26th November 2015, the professional users of plant protection products are obliged to have “Certification of proper use of plant protection products” in order to be able to buy plant protection products approved for professional use.

In order to get the Certification, thοse who are interested, have to pass the exams taking place in accredited public and private exam centers.

From the 18th of June 2015, in the I.A.S. are taking place exams to grand theCertification of proper use of plant protection products”.

The I.A.S., supporting the farmers and the sprayers, has established exam and training program as well, for those who wish. In the I.A.S. website the candidate can find the application form stating the exam or the education.

The application must be submitted to the secretary office of I.A.S. (182 Kifisias Avenue, Kiffisia) accompanied by the fee, at least 10 days before the exam date.

If the required number of participants is not reached, the candidate can take exam at the next scheduled date.

For more information, those who are interested may contact to the secretary office of I.A.S.(Syggrou Estate, 182 Kifissias Avenue, Kifissia) or call (daytime).

For further convenience, the I.A.S. suggest the people who are interested to take part to the exams to test their knowledge by using the on line test.

The trial test is provided by the Ministry of Rural Development and Food at the website shown HERE.

The trial test can be done for free whenever you like at you own computer and the results are given immediately.

To find the application form in the exam click HERE.